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This sounds like Howard Ameling. He is retired and living in
Florida. I will see if I can find his address. I know he has given
his negative collection to the NKP Society Archive housed at
Cleveland St. Univ.

Bill Welch

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Does anyone have photos, diagrams or other info on L&N stock

Years ago I had negatives of 2 L&N steam era stock cars. I sent
them to
a man in Ohio to get them printed and he refused to return them.

I can't remember the guys name but it wasn't Paul Prescott and it
wasn't big 4. Maybe someone on the list knows him. He sent out
very big
computer printouts of negatives 20 years ago. He had a vast
of negatives but many of them (most!) were less then best quality.
worked for the post office and spent the winter in Florida.


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