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I just arrived at the Wabash number series by re-checking the N&W
Coal Cars book.... it doesn't give a number range for the 38000
series Wabash cars
but states that the N&W got them back when the Wabash was merged
and they went into the 3XXXXX series by adding 300000 to the Wabash
The OER for 1965 shows the series to be 338000 to 338358 which
accounts for the 359 cars. I know that this puts them outside of
consideration for this
list, but I wasn't sure of that when I started tracking down the
history of these steam era car leases and sales.
This proves there is more than one way to skin a cat.... but I am
still looking for the IC numbers.... apparently they were H2s and
did not get new numbers
as the series is the same as they carried on the N&W. They might
show up in a footnote under N&W rather than IC as being leased in
BTW, there is mention in the N&W Coal Cars book of a potential
lease of cars to the IC but the book states it did not happen... and
we have photographic
evidence that at least one car was lettered for IC.


We are sneaking past the end of the STMFC world to mention the Wabash
cars as they were acquired from the N&W in late 1962 or early 1963.
They were numbered 38000 - 38358 and show being built in 1941 and 42
by Bethlehem Steel and Virginia Bridge.

The IC received their cars from the N&W by at least early 1945, as
both photos I have were taken during late winter/early spring
of 1945. A Jan. 1946 IC equipment book shows 698 cars numbered in
the 78000 - 78699 series. It also states that the average age of the
cars was 24 years. The cars were probably gone by the end of 1947,
as the 78000 block of numbers was assigned to a group of almost 4000,
41' hopper cars that the IC converted from gondolas from 1945 through

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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