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Bruce Smith

Steve Lucas wrote:
Yet there is quite a variance in car colour, and the PRR would
certianly have painted them all with "PRR STANDARD" paint.
This shows why I don't get too hung up on paint matching--the
prototype didn't.
And Tony replied:
Steve, I don't think your conclusion is logical. Nothing I can see
in the image contradicts the idea that every car was ORIGINALLY painted
the identical color, but at different times, and has encountered
different kinds and amounts of weathering.
I agree! The PRR was fairly fastidious about paint color consistency, as were most roads. Those cars were all painted with regulation FCC, and all looked pretty much the same coming out of the paint shop. It is their life experiences that now show as differences in color. My approach to weathering models is to try to mimic this. A car painted gritty grey and then decaled does not look at all the same as a car painted FCC (Freight Car Color -PRR) decaled and then weathered to a gritty grey. Inevitably on the latter there are still spots of FCC hiding in various nooks and cranies that, just like this prototype photo, tell you that the car was originally painted FCC and of course, the effect on the lettering is critical as well.

And the glimpse of interior color and weathering variations is
perhaps more interesting than the OUTSIDES of the cars.
Of course, Schuyler's point is relevant too. Few modelers of PRR
or any road have model cars with this range of exterior color. After
all, they "wouldn't look right."
Remember that it wasn't that many years ago that folks on this list were criticizing the narrow gaugers for their "cliche" of too much weathering. I think in the past few years we've come to realize that, especially during WWII (the photo referenced was 1943), freight cars were in general pretty darn dirty! Of course, the cliche still exists, and portraying the true range of weathering, rather than just one extreme, is one area that will inevitably enhance realism.

Now to go make some PFE Reefers dirty <VBG>

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