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Bruce Smith wrote:
Remember that it wasn't that many years ago that folks on this list were criticizing the narrow gaugers for their "cliche" of too much weathering.
I don't think it was just "too much weathering," Bruce, but also their tendency to model everything, structures, locomotives and cars, as though it was in a state likely to fall apart the next day. Somehow, the decrepit state of NG railroads when photographed in their very last days (or even after abandonment) became the "standard modeling" method for many NG modelers, even when supposedly depicting earlier periods. The Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette became notorious for glorifying such modeling.
But your main point is important: we should all have a WIDE VARIATION of weathering on our freight cars. I do realize, though, from visiting many, many layouts over the years: most modelers have a certain range of "dirt" they are comfortable with, and so fail to have that WIDE VARIATION we see in many prototype photos.

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