Re: L&N stockcars


Guys -

Risking incarceration here! It sounds like you may be describing one
of the stock car series originally constructed for the LH&StL in the
late '20's that quickly beacme L&N cars when that road was absorbed by
them. Plans for the LH&StL cars are in a couple of the CBC's.
However, I have NEVER seen a photo of one in L&N paint. Years ago, I
traced the L&N number series down to the 1948 era, and most were still
on the L&N roster in the ORER's. Sure would like to see one as L&N,
since "O" scalers have a nice brass model of the LH&StL car from KTM

A.T. Kott

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My recollection is that one of the L&N stock cars had a pratt truss
the other was either similar to NYC stock cars with outside wooden
braces or the St. Louis & Iron Mountain stock car made by Ambroid...

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