Re: PFE R-30-16 rebuild lettering help needed

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 30, 2008, at 6:44 PM, Bruce Smith wrote:

I'm to the point of lettering a PFE R-30-16 that I recently built
from a
Wegman/RC kit. In looking in Thompson, Church and Jones (aka, "the
bible") I see that this class was rebuilt from classes R-30-12,
R-30-14 and R-40-2 and was numbered 73001-76554. Since I modeled
K-brakes, and 74198-76554 received AB brakes while 74096-74195 had
sheathing, I need to number the car in the range of 73001-74095.

My problem is as follows. The book says “When rebuilt, these cars
had the
–16 sub-class added to their original class”. Looking at the few -16
rebuilt photos in the book, it appears that as rebuilt, the car
would have
been stenciled "R-30-12-16" if, for example, it had been rebuilt
from an
R-30-12. For my era of 1944, I'm pretty sure that my -16 rebuild
needs to
be lettered this way - right? Alas, I have not found any photos of
a -16
in that range, and I cannot find any indication of what cars were
from which classes. I thought I might be able to eliminate the R-40-2
predecessors by their capacity in the ORER, but all cars in the
series are
listed as 70,000 lbs. Any help connecting a low numbered R-30-16
with its
predecessor class would be much appreciated!

Bruce, I have no suitable photos of an R-30-12-16 with Bettendorf
underframe. However, I'm sending you off-list a 4/48 photo of an
R-30-13-16 with twin-center-sill underframe which still had KC air
brakes. To model this car, you will have to rework the underframe by
using a Tichy u/f instead of the R/C u/f. In case you're tempted to
just model this car with the wrong underframe, I'm sending a separate
e-mail to Briana delegating her to act as a member of the Prototype
Police so you'll have to stay on the straight and narrow.

Richard Hendrickson

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