Re: ACF type 7 "high walkway" tank cars - AB brakes

Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

I picked up one of these in HO a while back. Were any of these cars
around in 1956, say, with any of the major firms--North American,

Steve Lucas.

--- In STMFC@..., "Rob M." <rule292@...> wrote:

Hello List,

I've been digging so far with no avail to find any photographic
evidence of ACF type 7 "high walkway" tank cars in commercial
service with converted AB brakes. I've checked my magazines, I've
googled online and I looked at Bob's Photos at the National; all to
no avail.

I've searched and so far haven't found anything other than the
builders photos in my Kaminski book as well as the other in-service
photos (mostly graciously from the folks on this list) on Rich
Yoder's web site with K brakes.

I was hoping to do 8k and 10k cars with AB brake conversions but I
need some in-service photos that I can match up to my ORER's.

Does anyone have photos available/for sale of these cars with AB
brakes or has anyone seen any photos of them in other sources?

Thanks in advance!

Rob Mondichak
Allentown PA.

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