Dow Chemical Tanks

gregudolph <gregudolph@...>

I was thinking about modeling a Dow Chemical 8000 gal or 10,000
tank. I have a picture of a DOWX tank from about 1938 and I think it
would be a great model if I could figure out what it actually looked
like. I believe the ends and sides are white except the middle which
is black. The big DOW Logo is on the right while the left says Dow
Chemical Company DOWX 10305.
Does anyone have any information about these tanks? Proper color
schemes, white/aluminum paint, etc.. Also does anyone have or know
where I can get some kind of lettering diagram so I know what color
the logo and letter is. Any help will do. Thanks for your time.

Keep Steaming,
Greg Udolph
Owosso, MI

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