Re: PFE R-30-16 rebuild lettering help needed

Bruce Smith

On Jul 30, 2008, at 10:02 PM, Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Bruce, I have no suitable photos of an R-30-12-16 with Bettendorf
underframe. However, I'm sending you off-list a 4/48 photo of an
R-30-13-16 with twin-center-sill underframe which still had KC air
brakes. To model this car, you will have to rework the underframe by
using a Tichy u/f instead of the R/C u/f. In case you're tempted to
just model this car with the wrong underframe, I'm sending a separate
e-mail to Briana delegating her to act as a member of the Prototype
Police so you'll have to stay on the straight and narrow.

Thanks for the information! Me, tempted? NEVER! Besides, I already went to all the trouble to shave off the brake linkages on the RC u/f and replace them. I could also use the Terry Wegman u/f that comes with the R-30-18 kit, right? Hmmm... maybe if I use the RC R-30-9 ends on a Wegman R-30-18, I could model that R-30-13-16 - probably easier to add the Wegman roof and u/f to the RC body and ends...


Bruce F. Smith
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