Re: ACF type 7 "high walkway" tank cars - AB brakes

Tim O'Connor

W&R made 1, 2 and 4 dome cars with AB brakes. They represent
Northern Pacific cars in company service in the 1950's and 1960's.
The cars came with NP decals.

Tim O'Connor

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From: Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

By "one of these", do you mean a type 7 with AB brakes? Who made
that model? Or a is your model the W&R brass model with K brakes? If
it is the later, then the answer is a unequivocal no as K brakes were
finally banned as of January 1, 1954 on all cars in interchange.
IIRC, some of these cars lasted a bit past that date in MOW service
on railroads, but not in general service.

And to belatedly address Rob's question, the reason you can't find
photos is that few if any cars were converted. Most of the type 7s
were gone by WWII, and the rest departed general service shortly
thereafter. There would have been little or no financial incentive
to convert these cars as they would have been 40+ years old by the
conversion deadline. Why do you want to model these cars with AB

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