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The Clinchfield sent most of it's Coal south to Spartanburg,SC where
it interchanged with the SAL and Southern RR's. It also interchanged
Coal loads with N&W at St. Paul, VA, C&O at Elkhorn City, KY,
Southern at two other points. Johnson City, Tn and Marion, NC. A lot
of C&O coal moved south from Elkhorn City via Cliinchfield trains.

George A Walls

Where did these 40 ton gons deliver coal to? If up to Lake Erie,
ehich docks?

Al Kresse

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I'm beginning construction on a Sunshine HO scale Clinchfield 40'
side gondola with round ends. The instructions are pretty weak, and
in need of a prototype photo or two to make sure I get things
right. If
anyone has any prototype photos you could send me (or post to the
site) I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to have it completely
built up by tomorrow night. Thanks very much for whatever help you

Yours Very Truly,

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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