Re: PFE R30-16 and type 7/11 tanks

Bruce Smith

On Jul 31, 2008, at 10:16 PM, underthefog wrote:

At the Western Railway Museum, (Rio Vista Junction) we have a PFE R-
30-16 reefer 74583. Tony is aware. (See page 140 of your "orange

Our records show it as rebuilt in 1941 from R-30-12 20420, and having
a Bettendorf underframe.

Thanks! Alas, this car is from the group that was rebuilt with AB brakes, so that number won't work for the current model....

It has suffered some from years of outdoor storage. The lettering is
just about gone, along with the rest of the paint. It is now stored
indoors, which augurs well for its continued survival, but
photography of the underside is all but impossible.

If I can find time this weekend I will visit it with a strong
flashlight and report what I find.

We also have "High Walkway" tank car, Western Pacific 1025, ACF,
1912. I'm not clear on what constitutes a "type 7", but this car had
arch bar trucks, converted to Andrews in 1937. K-1 brakes were
converted to AB in 1947. It served in several company services, the
last of which "bilge water service".
Sounds like it might be an early type 11 car. IIRC, the WP had some of the earliest type 11s, and these were built with high walkways rather than the low running boards that became the standard for this class.


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