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Ensign Manufg / ACF Huntington built Mather type stock cars for th C&O also but before WWI.

Al Kresse

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Guys -

As usual, my freight car stuff is at home and the only computers are
at the office, so here is more of a reply to yesterday's LH&StL/L&N
stock car question:

The LH&StL stock cars featured in the CBC are LH&StL #1071-#1085 (15
cars) and were built in 4/1927 by AC&F under Lot 385 (ordered
2/14/27). From the 1/1928 and 3/1929 ORERs, these 15 cars are listed
separately under LH&StL, not L&N. By 1/1930, the LH&StL cars are
listed under L&N, but with their as-built numbers and reporting
marks, LH&StL #1071-1085. All 15 cars continue to be listed under
L&N, but with LH&StL reporting marks in this number series through
July, 1938.

Back in 1/1928, a series of L&N stock cars with identical dimensions,
L&N #19000-#19099 (100 cars), are also listed in the L&N section of
the ORER. In July of 1938, this number series was expanded to L&N
#19000-#19114, but still totalled only 100 active cars. (A bunch of
other L&N stock cars of that period have identical dimensions to the
LH&StL cars also - this was the only series showing an increase in

By 4/1939, only 6 cars remained in the LH&StL series #1071-#1085, and
the L&N cars in series #19000-#19114 had increased to 109 cars. By
4/1940, L&N #19000-#19114 had increased to 111 cars, and the LH&StL
number series was no longer listed. Who knows (or cares) whether the
missing three cars were lost by attrition from the L&N cars or from
LH&StL cars not renumbered???? Apparently, the LH&StL cars were
renumbered as L&N #19100-#19114 in 1938-39.

Back in 1928, most of the L&N stock cars with steel underframes had
IDENTICAL (even to the nearest 1/4") ORER dimensions to these LH&StL
cars. This begs the questions (a) whether the L&N had a standard
plan for their stock cars, and (b) whether the L&N had
a "relationship" with the LH&StL prior to 1930, to the extent that an
L&N plan was used by AC&F to construct the LH&StL stock cars.

This is all probably not of much interest to many, but there have
been models of the LH&StL cars available in "O" scale (KTM USA #231),
and probably in HO also. It sure would be nice to see what they
looked like in L&N paint, since this would allow their use into the
early 1950's.

A.T. Kott

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This is a Paul Dunn photo at Zanesville, OH, November, 1956, from
Howard Ameling collection.

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