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When boxcars make the secondhand rounds like this, there is often
long term leases involved, not equipment trusts. When the lease is
terminated, the dealer/broker/owner goes looking for a new leasee if
the equipment is still serviceable.

So the idea that Erie sold them to NP who sold them to LSBC may not
be the case. Needs some research to find the real story.

Sometimes these financing arrangments are stencilled in the upper
corner of the boxcar, and can provide some insight.

B&O picked up a lot of older secondhand cars (within list scope),
many from brokers, others bought or leased directly from railroads
during the 1960's (outside list scope). Circumstances differ. PRR,
P&LE, Rock Island, Reading, C&O, Ann Arbor boxcars. Reading, C&O,
Virginian, Maine Central, Lehigh Valley, N&W, L&NE hoppers come to
mind. PRR G31 gondolas for wheel service.

Earlier B&O leased H3 hoppers from N&W (1944-1948), quad offset
hoppers from B&M, gondolas from B&M, hoppers from CNJ (1955-1962).

A few of these can really spice up a B&O layout.

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On Jul 27, 2008, at 7:57 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

What kind of end is this -- Buckeye?

Yes. These LS&BC cars were third hand, from the Northern Pacific
which acquired them, via a second-hand dealer, from the Erie.

Richard Hendrickson

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