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I have an alternate view.

We have found that B&O often specified its own proprietary sideframe
designs, and provided them to DuBois shops or even manufacturers from
the Mt. Clare foundry.

Research is ongoing. There are many word references to B&O freight
truck designs, we of the B&O freight car mafia are trying to tie them
to particular side frame drawings and car orders.

When we get them sorted out, even just one, we can have the model
truck makers produce them for the pure of heart.

In the meantime, Ed, the Accurail "Bettendorf" is an adequate stand
in for the forseeable future for your M-53.

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On Jul 24, 2008, at 7:24 PM, Edward Sommer wrote:

I purchased two F&C models of the M-53 at the NTS, one is the
freight version and the other is the express box version. In
directions F&C says to use the trucks of your choice. I've
the archives and found a lot of references to the M-53 but could
not find any reference as to truck types. Does anyone know what
truck would be appropriate for these cars? Does the express
versions use the same truck of something different? TIA for any

Ed, several photos of freight M-53s show AAR cast steel trucks
spring planks and Barber lateral motion bolsters. That's a truck
that's never been made in HO scale, but apart from the Barber
motion devices the new Tahoe Scale Models Buckeye truck would be a
good choice. Maybe Brian can be induced to do a version of the
Buckeye truck with Barber lateral motion bolsters. Accurail's so
called "Bettendorf" truck would also be appropriate. I have no
photos of the express cars so I don't know what trucks were used
them, though if someone has an image that shows the express car
trucks and could scan it for me, I'll take a shot at identifying

Richard Hendrickson

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