Re: MP Alternate ARA SS cars

Ed Hawkins

On Aug 3, 2008, at 3:13 PM, Brian J Carlson wrote:

I working on a roster of MP boxcars for my layout today. I'm
interested in
modeling one of the Alternate ARA SS cars rebuilds. Sunshine has kits
and 39.10 per the Sunshine price list off Jim Hayes site. The
between the cars is the ends, either murphy or dreadnaught. It
appears 4000
of the 4938 of the Alternate ARA SS cars were delivered with murphy
Therefore, they would seem to be more common for rebuilds too.
does anyone (Ed Hawkins) know for certain which car more likely to be
rebuilt? Thanks.
I spelled out this information in my article in RP CYC #14 to the
extent that available information would allow. Each series is shown in
the roster with the type of ends specified. ORER data is also specified
to show how the all-steel rebuilt XM and XME cars were phased in while
the original SS cars were phased out. Use the numbers for the date that
most closely fits your period of interest.

I also indicated on page 34 which series of cars could be accurately
modeled using Sunshine's kits. Any series that are not listed on page
34 had ends that were unique to one group, and Sunshine chose not to
offer ends that were less commonly used (such as the 42000-series steel
rebuilds having 5/2/6 Murphy ends).

Does the information contained in the article not provide what you are
looking for?
Ed Hawkins

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