Re: More on PFE R-30-16 rebuilds

Richard Hendrickson

On Aug 2, 2008, at 6:10 PM, smithbf36832 wrote:

So I have to ask <G> - if the Tichy car is an R-40-2/4 and we're
talking R-30-12-16, what
is the difference between the 30 and 40 ton cars with built-up u/f?
I can that the R-40-2/4
series appears to have different trucks from the R-30-12/13 series
T-section trucks. Is it just the trucks?

Bruce, the 40 ton built-up underframe was essentially of the same
design as the 30 ton built up underframe, but slightly larger and
heavier. The difference is small enough to be negligible in HO
scale, so IMHO the Tichy underframe is acceptable to model both
(unless, of course, you're obsessive-compulsive).

Richard Hendrickson

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