Hello From Down Under,


Hi Folks,

I just want to introduce myself. I am from Warwick, Australia and heard
about this list from a friend. His indications were that if I wanted to
know anything about steam, steam operations and freight cars that were
around in the steam period in the US this was the group to be in. I
model the late great PRR exclusively in N Scale and through some of the
other groups I am in my interest has now turned from modelling diesels
to steam. The Shark Nose fleet of the PRR will always be near and dear
to me but with the advent of such an array of steam loco models now in
the market place steam modelling is becoming a reality. I look forard
to the information that comes from groups such as this. I do not know
what my input will be but I hope to be as active as possible. All the
best for now and I look forward to meeting you all in the message


Al Cutmore

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