DOW Chemical Tank

Greg Udolph


Due with issues of liability I cannot put the picture of the Dow tank I
want to do on the board. I understand the concern so it will not be on
there. I can send the picture to individuals via their private email address
if they are willing to help me out. The car I want to model is the 10000gal
I believe and I would really like to get as much info on it or at least
hints on the proper people to talk to to get the info. The car I want to put
it on is full size. It used to be a UTLX car but we already have one painted
on the property and due to the fact that we are somewhat sticking to a
Michigan theme I thought Dow would be a logical place to go. If you can help
please email me at gudolph@... . Thank you for your time.

Keep Steaming,

Greg Udolph

Chief Mechanical Officer

Steam Railroading Institute

Owosso, MI



- I am the thoroughbred of steam. Born to run, born to be free... Forgive
them lord, they know not what they do. - 12/07/94

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