Dear Joel,

This may be a document you'll find useful. It is available from the
B&O Railroad Historical Society company store at

Item # 72055: B&O Officers Inspection Trains. Buffalo Division. Approx
162 pages of very detailed data prepared for B&O officers inpsection
trip of the B&O for trips in 1953, 1954 and 1955. Employee statistics
and safety data. Page of fuel usage on Buffalo Div on given dates.
List of cities served, population and revenue per city. Season
tonnages for 8 years running at Charlotte and DL&W docks.
Income/Expense statement for Charlotte Dock Company for 1950-51-52.
Comparison of B&O tonnages on Lake Ontario vs PRR, NYC and DL&W docks.
Details of lease agreements for facilities. List of mines and
carloadings of coal & coke. Coal tonnages billed at Cloe scales for 7
years, by month. Dates of miner's strikes and vacation outages for
1946-52. Special moves of coal and coke on Indiana Sub with PRR.
Motive power forces by location. Quantities of freight cars held for
heavy or reconditioning at 4 locations on Buffalo Div. Description of
the line with details of construction, ties, rail, switches,
facilities, equipment. List of improvements with AFE numbers; costs,
number of new crossties and tons on new rail laid; track workforce
listing. of engines assigned, by class, steam & diesel, for Buffalo
Div. Tonnage ratings by engine type, to include tonnage adjustments in
tons per car depending on air temperatures. List of engine numbers
assigned by location for freight & passenger. These types of data are
represented for the various trip dates, enabling the reader to see
changes on the Buffalo Division during these years.

Take Care
-Nick Fry
Director at Large
B&O Railroad Historical Society

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the steel mills of Buffalo out of coal county(WvA/Va/Ohio/Ky)would have
moved in whose coal cars other then PRR?and who offers these cars in HO?
Im sorry to the owner of the sight if this isnt the right group for the
question,please if let me know and I will direct it to the proper
sight.Not looking for traffic data as much as which railroad hopper to
model within the era Ive listed(51-56)...
Joel Norman Atlantic & Lake Ontario Rly(dba-Eastern Maine Rly
Brooklyn Terminal Rly)

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