Youngstown doors question

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

According to my notes the NC&StL 19000 series box cars
used YSD-2A doors, which translated, means panel/ribs in
a 5/5/4 pattern from top to bottom -- or is it bottom to
top? ( My notes show YSD-2 as 4/5/5. IIRC the nomenclature
comes from Ed Hawkins so don't blame me! )

I ask because my Branchline kit has 4/5/5 doors, and indeed
several other HO kits (e.g. Kadee, C&BT) also use 4/5/5 doors.

My notes show users of YSD-2A style doors include AT&SF, IC,
L&N, NC&StL, MONON, Southern, UP, Wabash, WP, Georgia, A&WP,
WofA, Norfolk Southern, Illinois Terminal, and Gulf Refining.

Interestingly, none of the cars with YSD-2A doors appears to
be a PS-1. (It's interesting because the YSD-2 doors were
applied to many PS-1's by these same owners during the same
time period.)

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