Re: Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299



In replying to Jerry's question regarding the lack of information for Martin's MoP 52'6 Gondola (Kit #70.10), I mistakenly confused it with the earlier MoP and STLB&M kits Martin produced in the early '90s. My apologies to the list for wasting the bandwidth.

I posed a question in that post regarding the earlier 11001 series 48' STLB&M gondola regarding the hand brake (a ratchet type???) on the end of the car. Can anyone identify it as to type and manufacturer

That earlier Sunshine kit was a combination of the MoP Kit #1.2 non-panel side kit and a extension Kit #C.1 which allowed the modeler to extend the sides to make the STLB&M car series.

My second question regards the new release from Sunshine of Kit #83.7, a C&NW 50' Autocar in number series 51000-51598 and 51600-51998. The lower number series had no auto racks whereas the higher number group had racks, divided into 250 cars in each group.

The ratios and totals of cars dwindled through the years with only 400 cars remaining and all with racks by 1948 and remaining the same in the January 1952 ORER.

The January 1953 ORER showed NO cars remaining in these number series Were they renumbered, with or without racks, or were they scrapped?

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