Re: Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299


Charlie, Have you built one of these? If so, can you give me some idea of
the set up for the B-end, or send me a digital photo? That's my main problem.
I did not mean to over criticize Sunshine, but if you've seen these
instructions, they are pretty thin. For you or me (to an extent), we may be able to
slog our way through the construction, however, if this was the first or second
resin kit a modeler attempted it would be difficult, similar to the old F&C
kits with instructions that for all practical purposes said "build the car." I
don't think the instructions in this kit can be compared to instructions Martin
included six or seven years ago and considered to be the same in detail or
photo coverage. These are craftsman kits, and a photo of the completed model
would be very helpful.

I want Martin to continue to produce kits, of course! I have several on
order and I think I've built every MP kit he's procuded, some in multiples (such
as the stockcars and Merchandise cars), not to mention a load of other roads
(just finished the B&O mansard roof car and it looks great, had good
instructions and photos too).

Richard, thanks for the offer of the photos. I can sure use them.

Al, I don't know when these kits were produced, a few years ago I think. My
resin kit building comes in spurts when I have time to concentrate on them. I
try to keep unbuilt kits to a minimum, but some I have are over ten years
old. They will be built sometime or another.

Tom, Thanks for the description of the ends. That helps a lot. In the
instructions/photos there is only one photo of a B-end on a fixed-end car, and it
is kind of fuzzy. These do have Dureya underframes, correct? I think I got
that correct from the PDS in the kit, although it had to be inferred. I was
concerned about this since the PDS mentioned that all but two lots of these cars,
built by Bethlehem, had Dureya underframes, but the MP cars were home built at


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