Re: PRR FD2 [Was: Early Schnabel Cars]

Philip Marcus

The KCS built their own all welded hopper gondolas in 1932. They mounted them on the then new National B trucks. Innovative for a railroad.

Phil Marcus

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote: Tim Barney wrote:
> It was advanced for it's time, being all-welded when most cars (even
> of similar type) were
> riveted construction.

As Bruce Smith observed, this comment about welding is way wrong.
The first extensively welded freight cars were covered hoppers in the
mid-1930s. Because of all the welding done during WW II, it was a
fully accepted construction method after the war. Freight cars,
certainly by 1950, were being extensively welded, INCLUDING flat cars
of several types (though maybe not so much on the PRR). Not to take
anything away from the "Queen Mary," which was quite a project--just
that welding isn't really part of its eminence.

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