Re: Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299

charles slater

If detailed instructions are needed for these kits, these kits are too difficult for you to build. The construction of these kits has not changed over the years. You can take the instructions from a box car kit produced ten years ago and use them for todays kits. Usually a photo of the actual car is all that is needed.
Charlie Slater

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Better than no kits at all - keep the kits coming Martin, those of us onthis list should be able to handle the Instructions and fill in the gaps.Respectfully submitted,Charles D. Shope_____ From: cobrapsl@... [mailto:cobrapsl@...] Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 5:01 PMTo: STMFC@...: Re: [STMFC] Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299Jerry Michel's saidIs there a reason Sunshine is producing minimalist instructions these days?Like the little bird in the tree-cheep, CHEEP, CHEEP!Paul LyonsLaguna Niguel, CA-----Original Message-----From: asychis@aol. <> comTo: STMFC@yahoogroups. <> comSent: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 1:58 pmSubject: [STMFC] Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299Hi,I'm completing Sunshine's MoPac 52'6" Fixed End gondolas and could use some photos. The Sunshine data sheet includes only one photo of the MoPac cars (actually one of the StLB&M cars), and does not show the "B"-end. Anyoneknow of a source? These cars also include I-GN 12000-12799 and StLB&M 11100-11599, 11650-11899. I also have to comment that the instructions are pretty skimpy.Why no photos of the completed kit and only a partial photo of theunderside? Is there a reason Sunshine is producing minimalist instructions these days?Thanks!Jerry Michels**************Looking for a car that's sporty, fun and fits in your budget? Read reviews on AOL Autos. ( )

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