Re: Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Charlie Slater wrote:
"Now you know why Al does not produce anywhere the number of
different kits that Martin does. If you want 2 or 3 kits a year we
could spend a lot of OUR TIME writing instructions."

Since you broached the subject, Charlie, a couple of other points:

- Since you're a patternmaker, building these kits should come second
nature to you, as well it should for many of us on this list who are
expereienced modelers; however, adopting you attitude of "if you need
detailed instructions, the kits are too hard for you" seems like a
lazy way to justify alienating a large part of your possible market.
Sure many model railroaders won't even attempt building a resin kit,
but why not try to convince at least a few instead of alienating all
of them?

- 2 or 3 kits a year is perfectly fine to me if the manufacturer in
question is willing to fill my orders in a timely fashion. Offering
a multitude of kits but not filling customer orders within six months
has passed isn't terribly useful.

I'll take your advice and quit complaining and go back knocking down
my stash of models, pending articles, and the B&O Society USRA
freight car clinic that I have to give this weekend; however, you
could do us a favor and keep your "customer be damned" attitude to

Ben Hom

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