Re: Sunshine MoPac Gondolas 5200-5299

Tim O'Connor

But I think Charlie's point is that most of us have built a few cars
and know the basics.

Instructions should mention the order of construction (if that's
important), special items (like formed foil gondola ends), unique
details and time-period-specific items. And of course photos
like Al Westerfield offers are worth thousands of words. I only
get really annoyed when Martin sells a car but doesn't include
a single good photo of the particular prototype in the kit!

Tim O'Connor

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From: Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>
Charlie Slater, Patternmaker, wrote:
If detailed instructions are needed for these kits, these kits are too
difficult for you to build.
Nice one, Charlie. Guess no one can ever learn anything from
instructions, but needs to know it up front. Might be useful to
remember that not everyone knows where every little part goes on every
prototype, nor is everyone a Patternmaker.

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