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Lawrence Rast


Always watch the adjectives--the rule says "business" "practices."
You'll need to define not only "practice" (very difficult) but couple
it with "business" (impossible!).

I would suggest that we not make more of this than necessary. I
really like the kits I buy from Westerfield, Sunshine, F&C,
Speedwitch, and others. All have their strengths and their

Kind of like the posts to this list. All of which I VERY much APPRECIATE.

Lawrence Rast

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 6:46 PM, Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...> wrote:
A fine point, I guess, but wouldn't criticizing a deliberate decision by a
manufacturer not to include instructions be tantamount to criticizing one of
their PRACTICES, and thus forbidden? Likewise, wouldn't discussions of the
PRACTICE of releasing models in inaccurate paint & lettering schemes, or the
PRACTICE of not updating molds to add details also be prohibited? (I have
seen a number of messages complaining about these last two - phrased
explicitly as a comment on the company's marketing decisions - pass by


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From: Mike Brock

Hmmm. The STMFC is not the place to comment about business practices of
manufacturers. Note the group rule:

"Criticism of a manufacturer's business
practices is, however, not within the scope of the group."

However, comments...praising or criticizing...about a manufacturer's product
are entirely in scope. This includes the instructions regarding building a

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