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Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

IMHO, Al Westerfield's kits I recommend to anyone that asks as
the "gold standard" that all freight car resin kits are judged
against. If you have not built a resin freight car kit before, start
with a Westerfield kit.

All resin STMFC kits have their merits. Some require you to have
more prototype knowledge than others, or do research to get that
knowledge. That is part of the fun that one can enjoy in our hobby,
too. Some require tweaking to get the model that you want. Some
manufacturers do not not provide the level of instruction or detail
that Westerfield does; their kits are no less valuable, unless you
have a burning desire to scratchbuild or make resin kits yourself for
every car that you want.

Steve Lucas.

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Always watch the adjectives--the rule says "business" "practices."
You'll need to define not only "practice" (very difficult) but
it with "business" (impossible!).

I would suggest that we not make more of this than necessary. I
really like the kits I buy from Westerfield, Sunshine, F&C,
Speedwitch, and others. All have their strengths and their

Kind of like the posts to this list. All of which I VERY much

Lawrence Rast

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 6:46 PM, Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...> wrote:
A fine point, I guess, but wouldn't criticizing a deliberate
decision by a
manufacturer not to include instructions be tantamount to
criticizing one of
their PRACTICES, and thus forbidden? Likewise, wouldn't
discussions of the
PRACTICE of releasing models in inaccurate paint & lettering
schemes, or the
PRACTICE of not updating molds to add details also be prohibited?
(I have
seen a number of messages complaining about these last two -
explicitly as a comment on the company's marketing decisions -
pass by


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From: Mike Brock

Hmmm. The STMFC is not the place to comment about business
practices of
manufacturers. Note the group rule:

"Criticism of a manufacturer's business
practices is, however, not within the scope of the group."

However, comments...praising or criticizing...about a
manufacturer's product
are entirely in scope. This includes the instructions regarding
building a

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