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The coal traffic to Canada was largely locomotive coal originating in
PA for the GTR's and later CN locomotive terminals in eastern and
central Ontario, the GTR becoming part of CN in 1923. A fair amount
of commercial coal was shipped as well. Ted Rafuse's book "Coal to

is about the Ontario Car Ferry Company, a joint venture between the
BR&P and the GTR which became a joint B&O/CN venture. They operated
two car ferries between Genesee Dock (near Rochester, NY) and
Cobourg, Ontario from 1907 to 1950. Many BR&P and B&O cars wound up
in Eastern Ontario from the Ontario #1 and Ontario #2 car ferries.

Steve Lucas.

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Malcolm brings up some interesting information. I grew up in a
neighboring coal field in
Indiana, PA, and discovered the Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh
Railroad at an erly age. This
line was originally built by the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal
Company to move the black diamonds
from the Indiana and Jefferson county coal fields. These are just
west of the Clearfield
district field. The BR&P moved quite a bit of coal north towards
Buffalo, but I think much was
sent to the docks for Canadian export. The BR&P was merged into the
B&O in 1933. That coal
traffic continued into the B&O years, but I do not know when it
tapered off after the steam
era. So while the coal from the B&O may not have been delivered to
the Buffalo mills with
frequency, it was a part of the coal traffic moving through that

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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