Berwind Hopper cars


Those Berwind hoppers seen on New England railroads may well have been
carrying anthracite to small coal dealers for the home ehating trade. I
have seen a color slide of the Susquehanna Coal Co at Glen Lyon PA (on
the PRR) where BWX cars are being loaded with anthracite in August of
1966. Glen Lyon is just south of Nanticoke.

On the slide BWX 2573 can cleary be seen. This was one of the unique
cars owned by Berwind that were rebuilt GLa cars, as I recall. In the
background there at least four Berwind GLa cars.

The Susquehanna Coal Co was orginally controlled by the PRR and was
spun off when the anthracite roads had to divest themselves of mining
interests. It may well be that the Susquehanna Coal Co in 1966 was part
of Berwind.

Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

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