Constructive comment RE: ADMIN: Re: Kit instructions or lack thereof

Schuyler Larrabee

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From: Adam & Laura Eyring

I have an idea. If a manufacturer would like to supply more detailed
instructions, but it would mean an extra several pages and thus increased
printing costs - and possibly a larger box size - they could supply the
intructions (especially if color will help) through a Web site for us to
print at will. For those without Internet access, builders could request the
extra instructions by mail for a small fee.

Not sure how many will go this route, but it might be worth it.
An alternative, possibly, might be for someone who's built a "documentation-free" kit could write up
a few notes covering the areas which brought the ?????? balloon over the head, and how it was
resolved. Perhaps even photos? Sketches? This could be a collaborative effort, with additions
from other STMFC members. All posted in the Files area.

I know that the biggest reason this won't happen much is the fear people have of writing. But the
people on this list seldom seem to be at a loss for words . . .


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