Seeking ASF A-3 with roller bearings. Object: acquisition

Schuyler Larrabee

Richard helped me confirm that the trucks on the ERIE's "PS2*" hoppers, visible here:

Are 70 ton ASF A-3 "Ride Control" with roller bearings.

But he deferred on this question:
B) what model comes closest to that?
I'm not much help here, as roller bearing trucks were developed long after the era I model. I
took a quick look on the
internet at Accurail, Atlas, Walthers, etc. and none of them appear to be quite right. You need
to confer with a
who knows more about RB trucks.
Well, I did the same looking around, but have not found a good candidate either. The Kato ASF A-3
has "solid" bearings, not roller bearing (or at least the ones I have do).

Is there a commercially available ASF A-3 with roller bearings available?

Thanks for any assistance.


[BTW, the trucks Athearn supplied on these cars, which this list helped me find a couple of weeks
ago, are RB trucks, but are not correct, thus this request.]

* Yes, Ben, I know they're not "real" PS2s.

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