New Brass Angle Cock brackets for air hoses (HO)


Through the efforts of three other members of this list, Chad Boas,
Dennis Storzek, and Mont Switzer, Precision Scale is now producing a very
nice brass angle cock bracket that is designed to hold the nice PSC air
hoses. Of course, they also hold any other air hose with a .020" or
smaller "pipe".

Dennis drew up the plans and machined the very fine final brass master (if
that is what it is called). Chad made some beautiful resin masters.

The bracket design is very typical of the clean and simple designs
commonly used throughout the steam era, so that with a clear conscience
they can be easily used on the widest variety of our freight cars.

There is a substantial mounting lug on the underside so that the bracket
can be mechanically secured to the underside of of the car. The U-bolt
required to suspend the air hose angle cock pipe could not be cored, but
there is a substantial drilling "dimple" which can be easily drill through
to order.

The PSC number is 39156, and I am informed that *Toys Forever Models and
Hobbies Inc *at in Muncie, IN already has them
on active order.

To our knowledge, these are the first such brass brackets in HO. Their
use offers to us at last the opportunity to mount these important details
without the expectation that we will also soon observe their carcasses
littering the layout.

Okoboji, IA

p.s. A private note: A number from this list have been unsuccessfully
attempting to reach me. My eMail is barely alive, so I am not ignoring
you! It WILL improve soon!

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