Re: Simulating Carriage Bolt Heads in HO

Randy Hammill

If you're considering using rivets, I just tried the Archer decal
rivets for the first time and they are great, and very easy to use.

I find it much easier to work with than trying to glue on the
individual rivets. oh, and they were the first decals I've applied to
anything in 20 years.

Randy Hammill

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In my quest for information to speed my complete nervous breakdown
I'm interested in how one would simulate the carriage bolt heads in,
among other things, wooden running boards? I've looked at the
included resin and plastic running boards in several resin kits from
Al Westerfield and Martin Lofton, and the Red Caboose 1937 AAR box
cars, and can't figure out a way to do the bolt heads if I replace
resin and plastic running boards with real wood. Right now I have
something in excess of 100 resin and plastic kits that need wooden
running boards, and have wracked my brain for ideas. Nothing
so I'm posing the question to this group.


Time stopped in November 1941
Walter M. Clark
Pullman, Washington, USA

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