Re: BLI K7a Stockcar Question - Again

Bruce Smith

On Fri, August 8, 2008 10:34 pm, Russ Boehm wrote:
Nor being a PRR modeler, I'm trying to find out a basic piece of
information regarding this car. I searched the group's messages and the
PRR sites but can't pin down the initial year this series was built.
Some photos have what appears to be a build date o 1934 but the
lettering, to the left of the door, does not incluide the "BLT"

Specifically, was this car introduced prior to 1939? Would it have been
as far west as California by 1939?

Thanks in advance for any help the group can provide.


Yes and a conditional yes (not in great numbers)

In addition, the BLT date is to the right of the door, not the left and
would be the original built date for the X24 boxcars from which the K7A
were converted. These dates would be circa 1918. The conversions
occurred in the mid 1930s and were essentially complete by 1937. The date
to the left of the door is the reweigh date and merely reflects the last
time the car was reweighed, in this case within 30 months of the date you
are modeling.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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