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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Bruce Smith writes:

"Almost of the data presented here
over the years by Tim Gilbert and others has indicated quite clearly that
boxcars were present (with the exception of home road) in percentages that
resemble the national percentages on just about every road in the country,
thus putting the concept of home road and regional preference in boxcars
firmly into the category of modeler's fantasy.

Note that this DOES NOT apply to individual trains, as our ertswhile list
owner will no doubt point out with his "SP Forwarder" example... They
apply to fleets."

Well, with regard to individual trains, I agree completely with Bruce. However, rather than risk disagreeing with the position I took on this subject two yrs ago, I'll reprint part of what I wrote on June 13, 2006:

any rate, the
data from the '49 Fraley [ for whatever reason ] shows that SP box cars seem
exceed their national avg on UP tracks in Wyoming while those of WP seem to
be less than their avg.
My Fraley shows that there were 15 trains [ out of 34 ] with one or less SP
box cars. In fact, 9 had none at all.
Two trains had a total of 42.3% of the SP box cars...27 + 31 cars. I might
point out that "why" doesn't really matter. Two
others had 9 each. Thus 4 trains had 76 cars or 55.8%. 29 trains had 5 or
less SP box cars. Surely, this doesn't sound like a random process at work."

Tim Gilbert wrote:

But over time
- a week or a month - that distribution should average out except for
cases of obvious biases such as the home road, or in the case of Sherman
Hill, the SP's which can be considered as an extension of the home road
(UP) for, at least, lumber loading.
And I replied:

"Ah ha! I think I can agree with that. My point all along has been that
certain RRs probably have more of their box cars...and perhaps other
cars...on the tracks of a RR with a closely integrated operation...UP/SP.
Perhaps UP/C&NW. The cars of other RRs...with some exceptions...might well
follow the national %."

Mike Brock

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