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Schuyler wrote:
What I see happening is that modelers with any sophistication
about what they're really interested
in have two simple options:
1) join a RRHS, which increasingly offer magazines at least as
well-produced as RMJ was. They
generally don't hav thee tpyos that RMC has a lot either. (RMC
is my vote for the best magazine in
spite of that.)
The problem is that, even if you model a large prototype (NYC, ATSF, SP,
etc.), you still need to model freight cars from other would
be costly and time-consuming to join every RRHS just to get the information
that you need to model a couple of foreign cars for these other railroads.
Since I model the YV, I need freight cars from the SP, ATSF, WP, UP, and a
few from the northwest and some from the larger railroads back east. I don't
need an SP or ATSF RRHS magazine which includes articles on modeling
stations, cabooses, locomotives, freight traffic, etc.

Since there is more and more interest in modeling prototype railroads, I
wish that the hobby would evolve into a hybrid:

1. MR spends less pages on beginner articles (most of those techniques are
covered in their book series anyway) and takes on a more prototype format
ala RMJ.
2. Historic societies make general interest articles (such as on freight
cars) available for purchase on the Internet using a PDF format and which
could be purchased through PayPal or via a subscription service. The
availability of such new articles could be announced via this list, just as
TKM issues are announced.
3. If this last idea takes off, all of the articles could be made available
via a single source/website run as a business, with the website making a
couple of dollars and the historical societies getting the rest. Yes,
someone could buy one copy of an article and give it to friends but
hopefully this wouldn't impact the concept. I suspect that many modelers buy
RMC just for a Ted Culotta article and RMC is $7.00....I would think that a
similar article available from a historical society could easily be sold
over the Internet for $5.00. The RRHS wouldn't be missing anything since
those interested in joining for the entire magazine would still join and
those who want just a freight car article won't join for just that benefit
but might purchase those articles via the Internet.

Jack Burgess


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