Perhaps the solution is to begin some collaborative indexing project
in the group. There seems to be a varied geographic distribution of
members and distribution of railroads modeled and historical society
memberships held. There are probably enough subscriptions held by
group members to cover several railroads many times over.

If members of both this group and certain historical societies could
post the tables of contents of the various magazines or show links to
TOC's that are hosted at the society websites then people could buy or
download those issues wanted directly from the historical societies in

For those who are interested, the B&ORRHS has a listing of Sentinel
Topics from 1984 to 2007 in excel format on our archives page at:

The B&O Modeler also maintains an on-line index from its home page at:

We also now have a reprint of Painting and Lettering Diagrams for
Freight cars, mainly all from the steam era, available via our company
store. It is not yet online for ordering yet but inquiries can be
made via the society home page.

Take Care
-Nick Fry
Director at Large B&O Railroad Historical Society

--- In STMFC@..., "Jack Burgess" <jack@...> wrote:
The problem is that, even if you model a large prototype (NYC, ATSF, SP,
etc.), you still need to model freight cars from other would
be costly and time-consuming to join every RRHS just to get the
that you need to model a couple of foreign cars for these other
Since I model the YV, I need freight cars from the SP, ATSF, WP, UP,
and a
few from the northwest and some from the larger railroads back east.
I don't
need an SP or ATSF RRHS magazine which includes articles on modeling
stations, cabooses, locomotives, freight traffic, etc.

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