Re: IC 30500-31999 questions

Richard Hendrickson

Ed Hawkins writes, responding to Tim O'Connor's queries:

Photos show that the IC 30500-31999 series box cars built 1948 at their
Centralia shops came with R+3/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends (IDNE) and diagonal
panel roofs. The cars were being constructed about the time the 4/4 IDNE and
raised panel Murphy roofs were transitioning to R+3/4 IDNE and diagonal panel
roofs but the few photos I've come across thus far indicate that R+3/4 IDNE
and diagonal panel roofs were used. If anyone has a photo to the contrary,
please advise. Of the 1,500 cars built in this order, the first 750 came with
YSD-2 doors and second 750 came with 7-panel Superior doors. Thus, the IC
30612 model should have a Youngstown door. The freight car diagrams state
what types of trucks were used but I'll have to report on this detail later.

Photos of these cars haven't been particularly easy to find. A grainy
broadside builder's photo appears in the 1949/51 Car Builders' Cyc on page
339. From this photo it is virtually impossible to determine what types of
ends and roof the car had. The IC #31920 shown in the new GM&O/IC Color Guide
(page 40) clearly shows a diagonal panel roof. The R+3/4 IDNE and Superior
door is visible on IC #31448 in an overhead photo published on page 22 of the
October 1951 Trains Magazine. I would appreciate hearing from anyone having
photos of cars from this series with a description of the types of roofs and
ends that are visible in the photo.
I have a good, sharp Paul Dunn photo from the Bob Lorenz collection which
shows IC 30780, built 4-48, with diagonal panel roof, 4-4 ends with short
top rib, and ASF A-3 trucks. The doors are postswar Youngstown 4-5-5.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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