Ore Cars

Justin Kahn

This may be old news to many on the list, but I recently acquired a copy of that ancient standard, Suprey's Steam Trains of the Soo, and found on page 57
a view of a 2-8-2 pushing carloads of coal onto the coaling tower track at Moose Lake MN, the first a Frisco panelside twin hopper, the next an unidentifiable offset side twin, and the next forward what is clearly an ore car (it looks like one of their own) full of black diamonds. The one in front of the ore car may also be another, but I can't be certain.
Previously, I had mostly planned on using the few ore cars I'd picked up for an on-line sand and gravel operation, as I knew from research that
superannuated ore cars ended up in that service, but it is good to see them used in road service, and presumably the Soo one got to the depot in a regular
freight train.
For all of us who remember when starting in HO often meant a Varney Dockside and a set of three ore cars, and we felt uncomfortable about specialized cars being used in freight service, this is a kind of vindication.

Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

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