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I never had the pleasure of meeting Tim, but it's patently obvious
that his work was very thorough. What is reasonably typical, on the
average? He's probably closer than any of us ever will be.


I'll have more to say on this later, but first maybe we need to review
what Tim actually said. Yesterday morning, after urging from Mike
Brock, I did a search in our archives on "freight car distribution"
and got 266 messages to look at. During the course of the day I
browsed the 150 or so from before I joined this list. I'm still
confused as to what Tim really concluded about distribution by
ownership. Is there anyone who has those details or can point us to
the messages that have the conclusions,.

In regard to the above snippet from Steve.

My key point is that "reasonably typical" "on average" is not a really
useful concept. Like of my many drives between Boston and New York it
would be extraordinary for one to be the average time, and don't forget
that in the car stuff we're talking about distributions with all kinds
of skewness and normal distributions aren't demonstrably common.

"He's probably closer than any of us ever will be."

I think I strongly disagree with that statement but need to find what
he actually said.

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