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Well, sure, my assumption was that someone entering a free market with the intention of making money (another assumption) had a reasonable understanding of the market they were entering. The fact that there were three (four if you count Prototype Modeler) people with nearly the same idea - and same result - has to be given some weight. One must also ponder why those people out there WITH the accurate understanding of the market haven't found a way to to capitalize on it and produce such a magazine.

What's your professional opinion as a publisher Tony: Is a magazine that carries more/only "articles of a serious nature" viable financially? If you received commitments from the cognoscenti to provide content, would you be willing to start such a magazine?


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From: Anthony Thompson

Might the failures of those magazines not say the reverse? That
is, had they carried more articles of a serious nature, they might have
broadened their appeal. Your conclusion, Kurt, seems to assume that the
editors of those magazines accurately understood the market. Based on
knowing those individuals (to varying degrees), I'd hesitate to claim
that much.

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