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Kurt Laughlin wrote:
What's your professional opinion as a publisher Tony: Is a magazine that carries more/only "articles of a serious nature" viable financially? If you received commitments from the cognoscenti to provide content, would you be willing to start such a magazine?
Wish I could comment intelligently on this, but I really know nothing about magazines (except that I sure don't want to deal with monthly or bi-monthly deadlines). I do think that if the content is 100% "freight car mafia" I had better plan on a smallish list of subscribers. Whether there is a business model which could carry that, I don't know. But if you talk to some of the folks responsible for business models in hobby magazines, your eyes will cross and your tongue will curl up. Either they know really, really a lot, or they don't get it at all. I'm not sure which. Recent events may help with that answer, but in fairness, times are changing--as they always are.

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