Re: Freight car distribution

Cyril Durrenberger

You all keep saying to look at the past messages for some of this data. I found a number of them, but I did not locate any that had the work that is being sited. Could some one provide the message numbers to assist this process.


Cyril Durrenberger

benjaminfrank_hom <> wrote:
Ton Thompson wrote:
"We really need to get it into print somewhere, since it's natural
that not everyone has access to, or wants to access, the archives of
this particular list. Maybe RP CYC? Ed or Pat, are your scanning

Tony, Tim and I had discussed before he passed away. Tim had drafted
a paper with his findings, but it was extremely detailed and by his
own admission something we probably could not have pushed in the
hobby press, even in a publication such as RP Cyc. Our biggest
hangup was how to express the information in terms that most
hobbyists could understand without losing the heart of his analysis.
It's my desire to follow through on this, but it's competing with
many other projects, not to mention the day job and the reserves.

Unfortunately, this thread has shown this work to be sorely needed.
I share Dave Nelson's frustation - we seem to keep coming back to
this subject, and people continue to fail to look in the archives and
continue to ignore Tim's work. It's true it's not the be-all and end-
all on this subject, but it has far more analytical rigor than the
unsupported opinions that have been presented over the past few
days. Tony's challenge that the burden of proof rests with those
making the argument is dead on - if you think the "Boomer Pete/Chubb
Neighbors Weigh Heavier" is a more valid model, then back it up with
some data. If you can't, then you're just wasting all of our time.

Ben Hom

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