Prototype Drawings in Mags


I am quite ceratain that within the next 5 years there will be no
accurate scale drawings of cars and locomotives in any madel rairload

From my contacts in the mags I understand that 1) They cost too much
in terms of what it costs to have drawings done 2) they take up too
much space...particlularly if they have to be a fold out 3) Reders
survey show they are of little interest.

I have been doing drawings for mags as well as product design
engineering for almost 50 years now (and turned out my share of poor
drawings years ago) Switched to AutoCAD 20 years ago and gave up pen
and ink. In working for almost all of the major model RR mafgrs CAD
is a must.

If youa re just doing mag or book drawings pen and ink is almsot as has been pointed out, the savings are in the commonality of
trucks, brake fittings, etc. plus the ease of checking accuracy and
making corrections.

So far as I know Harold Russell and I are the only ones doing thsi
sort of thing...and I think Harold has dropped out.

Might also comment that it is pretty apparent that a lot of the
people on this forum are confused between true engineering CAD systems
and the graphics type programs used in the graphic arts. There are a
lot of CAD programs out there for less that $100 that are OK for
simple floor plans, sketches, and circuit schematics but the cheapest
version AutoCAD is about $1400. Solid Works, which is more or less
the industry SD standard cost over $5000 plus an anuual fee of around

Another observation is what a lot of guys say can be done is true if
you have access to state of the art software, plotters, rapid
protyping as done in large high tech industry but this stuff is
beyond what an individual or the average model rr mfgr can
afford...or justify.

End of sermonzing!

Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

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