Re: Freight car distribution

Tim O'Connor


The Southern Pacific would number specially equipped or assigned
box cars into various 600000 series. Cars moved in and out of these
series as needs changed. I have to think the whole logic of this
renumbering was that it made it far easier for yard personnel to
identify and segregate these cars so they didn't get mixed up with
the general purpose XM's.

As cars became more and more specialized, I'm sure the handling of
these cars greatly complicated car handling in terminal yards. No
wonder the railroads have so strongly embraced intermodal boxes!

Tim O'Connor

That said, specialty cars exist... And are problematic: should they be
included or excluded from the sample of road names? Consider how the data
from Sherman Hill might be wholly indifferent to the appearance of such
cars, given overall traffic volumes, as compared to, say, the Western
Pacific which saw both considerably fewer bocars and was a terminating road
at an auto assembly plant. Consider how the PM boxcar fleet was mostly
specialty cars.

Dave Nelson

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