Re: Freight car distribution

Tim O'Connor


Of the 533 saved emails from Tim Gilbert in my Eudora mail
boxes, maybe 200 are concerned with freight car distribution
and LCL...

But you are probably thinking of the old Freightcars list. I
have 57 monthly digests of the FCL on my hard drive, including
the best years of the FCL before Yahoo and STMFC. There's quite
a few more emails from Tim in there. All of it is indexed by
my Google desktop, but it's really too much information to

Tim O'Connor

At 8/12/2008 10:11 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
I think they are referring to a previous USENET-based mailing list whose
archives is out in the ether somewhere. I occaisionally run across
individual threads when doing a google search, but I haven't stumbled onto a
reliable way to reference it as a whole.


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From: Cyril and Lynn Durrenberger

You all keep saying to look at the past messages for some of this data. I
found a number of them, but I did not locate any that had the work that is
being sited. Could some one provide the message numbers to assist this

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