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I have a good, sharp Paul Dunn photo from the Bob Lorenz collection which
shows IC 30780, built 4-48, with diagonal panel roof, 4-4 ends with short
top rib, and ASF A-3 trucks. The doors are postswar Youngstown 4-5-5.
Richard and Tim,
Based on Richard's reply and the Bob Lorenz photo of IC 30780, here's what I
think happened on this order of cars. Initial cars built in the order came
with 4/4 ends with short top rib and later cars received the R+3/4 IDNE when
Standard Railway Equipment Mfg. Co. changed the design. The IC freight car
diagrams do not help define when the change occurred and they do not make any
distinction about the configuration of the ends. Thus, it appears that some
of the BT models will be incorrect since they do not offer the version of the
4/4 IDNE with short top rib. The photo in the Oct. 1951 Trains showing IC
31448 is conclusive about the R+3/4 IDNE but the build date of the car cannot
be read. Since car builder's did not always build the cars in the numerical
sequence, knowing which cars had 4/4 IDNE and R+3/4 IDNE will probably remain
an unknown until more photos (or production records) can be located.
Ed Hawkins

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