Re: What HO truck(s) do we STMFC'ers want?


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have been lobbying for a plain-journal 70 ton truck
for the past 2 years, but I, like Tim O'Connor, would
also relish a Chrysler truck for all of those
Branchline GAEX 50 foot box cars out there. I have
seen Intermountain's forthcoming 70 ton truck, and
while it is nicely done, I would prefer a Tahoe Model
Works version.

The only 70 t plain bearing truck that has been available was the Stewart
version. With the damage to the die, these are no longer available. So there
is definitely a need for a quality 70 t plain bearing truck.

I would also like to see 50 and 70 t versions of the Young and the
Barrett-Whitehead trucks.

Rich Orr

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